THE HISTORY OF CLUBPENGUIN                             

                                    WRITTEN BY YURDY         

 Before Clubpenguin was created and made a huge hit! There was a program by Rsnail and I think all you folks know who Rsnail is! The program was called Penguin Chat 3 and it was quite boring...actually it was sooo boring that penguins were hardly found. Penguin Chat can only be accesed in only rocketsnail.com, well that's what RSNAIL stands for. LOL! But in July 12th 2005, Billybob who is Rsnail's close friend came and improved penguin chat and lots of penguins were founded but it's still not a very popular website coz there's only 100 penguin there! Some older penguins like watex, mimo77and me were there and we kind of messed with Penguin Chat 3 and have seen the true Billybob and Rsnail there too! Talking about the updated Penguin Chat at that time was quite good and we could walk in water and such things. We can even have our own SERVER that is called ICEBOX where moderators usually go there to ban bad players who said racial, vulgar and sexual words. But many players for example Thomisback and Jake knew that and guessed the password and logged into the moderator's account and banned innocent people. But that's a long time ago in Penguin Chat3.

Now I'll try to give out as much information as I know to tell you folks what it was like 3 years ago playing in the old Penguin Chat 3. Okay, as you logged in your own icebox, it was actually very similar to Club Penguin I would say except you can only go to the town :P There were much more tables at the front of the cofee shop and a few more different details at the town and the nightclub was awesome! The cofee shop was similar except there wasn't a table near the sofas. But the problem was there wasn't any MAP AT ALL!

The nightclub was majorly PERFECT and it was similar too! Except there wasn't our fluffy green friend dacing on the speakers but they do have a speaker too. And there wasn't a  DJ table, there was the ClubPenguin band playing there instead and if you can't remember the Clubpenguin band, then imagine Penguins playing in a band. You can also visit the Boiler Room which is hidden under the nightclub and as you can see with the informations I've discribed by myself, there wasn't ANY DOJO,COVE,ICEBERG, PlAZA OR SNOWFORTS! Because the only place there is, is the town.The point of Penguin Chat 3 was to Dance, Chat and throw Snowballs or messing around talking to moderators.

About snowballs in Penguin Chat, I would say it is very wierd or was my aiming bad because snowballs were like a shape of a flat oval laying horizontal and the radar stinks! 

 In the toolbar, there was only the chatbox, the snowball button, the actions button, the emotes button, a ‘Tell a Joke’ button, and the enter button. To change color, you would click a Color change button on the chatbar, and select a different color. There was no map.

Now, have you ever heard someone ask how you become a ninja? Well, this is where the myth started from (By the way, you CAN’T become a ninja in Club Penguin, they were going to make them, but they made Secret Agents instead). In Penguin Chat 3, when the color select window popped up, if you click the ‘n’ in ‘Select your new penguin.’ in that window, you would become a ninja (No lie, it also took me a long time to figure this out when I first started playing, no one would tell me). Being a ninja was pretty cool, you had a ninja suit with a sword on your back and if you tried dancing as a ninja, you wouldn’t dance but you’d become transparent/invisible. It was so cool but Club Penguin is much better coz you can explore! But there aren't any ninjas in Club Penguin though. All that I had said about ninjas are true, but there isn't any proof because I forgot to press Print Screen to record a screenshot.

You could also be a Hard Hat worker. You had to click on the Hook of the Crane in the sky (the Crane was behind a fence in the back) in the snowfields right of the Town to get the Hard hat (you didn’t have a player card back then so you didn’t really get a Hard hat, you just wore one). And if you danced, you would be drilling the ground. And if you went into the middle snow fields, you’d be driving a snowcat, WOOT! It's hard to controll though.

As for the Gift shop, if you tried walking into it, you’d be transported to a page in Rocketsnail.com where you can buy merchandise like real life ClubPenguin keychains and T-shirts (using real life money though, Penguin Chat didn’t have coins, remember?) And they're expensive.

And that's all about Penguin Chat 3!

Now here’s the sad part. One day, the Rocket Snail team announced they were creating something called Club Penguin. When I went to the site clubpenguin.com, all that was on its site was the logo and it said it was Under Construction. Then they closed Penguin chat for a while, so I had nothing to do but play Mancala, Ballistic Biscuit, and a few other games on rsnail.com but these games have pictures of snails. for explample the game mancala uses snails instead of stones.

After waiting the rest of the summer for Club Penguin, I finally stopped checking the site everyday. When I looked again in very late October, I had missed the grand opening, the Beta tests, and everything else. I’m pretty sure I made accounts but I can’t remember the names or email addresses anymore.

When I first played Club Penguin, me and my mates remembered looking in Blizzard server. There was nothing!Only 5 penguins!

Also, there was a Club Penguin BETA testing that's why very very old penguins got a BETA tester hat which was exactly like the 1 or 2 years aniversary hat except it was Purple and Yellow. That was basically to try out the new Club Penguin beforehand. Beta testers got one month of free Club Penguin membership, they got to keep their party hat from the very first Club Penguin party ever, and a certain amount of coins (2,000).

Just a few more things before I let you go, no ninja myths are true! There’s one myth out there that says if you don’t move in the dojo for 30 minutes but stay logged on by talking and chatting, you’ll be a ninja. Don’t listen to those lies! Its just to waste your time! I knew it was a lie from the moment I heard it, and now I’ve tested it out just to prove it to you and nothing happened! (You can check it out yourself if you want to waste a half hour…) And please tell me the results! :-)

Also, this is all from memory and I’ve verified just about all my data to check that it is fact, not fiction. The only thing you might be even a little worried about is that I probably made a few accounts right after beta. But I’ve changed from Yahoo to Hotmail to Gmail email accounts over the years and I’ve forgotten almost all my emails. If I had created an account before or after Beta, its probably already deleted by now anyway, unfortunately. I do, however, remember I have an account called Yurby and Yurdy and Valkfire. I started playing ClubPenguin back in 2005 in October with my friends GKDGF and Dmccraze. Yurby was banned forver but Valkfire  and Yurdy are still there and I learnt a great lesson after my Yurby was banned forver. NEVER EVER say bad words or racial words in Club Penguin or you'll end up like Watex or Yurby.

Yurdy is still kicking in Clubpenguin and still waddling everywhere!
So that’s my rather sad story of how I missed being a Beta by a few days/weeks and a touch of impatience. If I was still checking the site, I would be a BETA!

                                            THE END

                                                   Signed  Yurdy
PS:It took me a whole day to write this!


Here are the REAL Pics I think they belong in Penguin Chat 3 and I took this picture in 2006


This is what we are talking about!

FINALLY don't be fooled by this screenshot by watex, the REAL Penguin Chat can only be accesed at Rocketsnail.com not PEnguinchat.com! And if u all look at the snail, the snail is fake and also Happy77 which is a penguin isn't a snail! This screenshot is taken about a year ago!

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